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Harpenden JKA in Batford

We’re a Shotokan karate club led by Miranda Price, a triple gold medal-winning kumite champion who believes everyone can benefit from karate.

Our structure enables people of different ages and abilities to train, whether your goals are club karate or England Squad level. Children, adults, beginners, returners and experienced – there’s a place for you all at Harpenden JKA.

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Why is Karate Important?

We believe that karate can deliver a simple but powerful set of benefits. Clearly self-defence is top of the list along with fitness and confidence. But also being respectful towards each other – it’s as important in the dojo as it is in the outside world. The final benefit of karate?  Enjoyment. No point in karate training if it’s not enjoyable whether this comes from your own progress or simply having a laugh.

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Why Harpenden JKA Karate Club?

We take our karate seriously – and that includes the fun and enjoyment we all get out of being members of Harpenden JKA. We’re an open and welcoming karate club, properly and efficiently run with the interests, welfare and enjoyment of our students our top priority.

We practise authentic Japanese karate through JKA, our governing body and one of the most influential Shotokan karate organisations in the world. Miranda Price is an experienced instructor of both junior and senior karate students. The club benefits hugely from her competition success and experience as an England Squad member.

In addition to regular club training, we attend JKA’s national and international courses. We also run joint activities with other regional clubs and organise our own masterclasses with inspiring instructors.

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Background and information on Miranda Price and her team.

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What we teach and how we train in the dojo.

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The karate club experience – fast paced, fun and medal-winning.

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If you like the sound of Harpenden JKA karate club, call 07496 276278 or email (the 1st two lessons are free).
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