Karate dojo code


At the Heart of Karate lies Respect

The Karate Dojo Code

The dojo code reminds us of our responsibilities as karate students. From time to time, we recite it in class:

  • Seek perfection of character
  • Be faithful
  • Endeavour
  • Respect others
  • Refrain from violent behaviour


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Dojo etiquette

Dojo etiquette is in fact a set of practical rules to help prevent injury and promote learning.

It also encourages respect to our Sensei and fellow students. For example, ‘Oss’ is used when bowing at the start or finish of the class or to your partner in kumite. It’s also an indication to the sensei that you’ve understood an instruction or piece of advice.

These are our rules:

  • Arrive early for class.
  • If you are late, kneel at the edge of the dojo until invited by the Sensei to join the class. Then saying ‘Oss’, join at the end of your grade order.
  • Bow upon entering and leaving the dojo.
  • Bow from the waist, eyes down.
  • Address any teaching instructor as ‘Sensei’.
  • Tell your Sensei before the class if you have a injury.
  • Tell your Sensei before the class if you must leave early.
  • If you have to re-join the class for any reason, kneel at the side of the class until you are invited by the Sensei to join. Then go back to your original position.
  • Always show respect to your Sensei and your fellow karate students. Use respectful language at all times.
  • Bow and say ‘Oss’ to your partner before and after working with them.
  • Feel free to ask your Sensei or higher grades for advice.
  • Learn the karate dojo code and be prepared to recite it if asked by your Sensei.
  • Keep your finger and toe nails clean and short.
  • Keep your gi clean and in good condition.
  • Remove jewellery and watches. (Some jewellery can be covered up with tape.)
  • Don’t let your hair get in the way – tie it back if necessary.

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