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Serious About Enjoying Ourselves

This is Harpenden JKA (and some of our friends) in action. You’ll find us in our dojo with Sensei Miranda and on courses with guest instructors. A lot of these shots are inspiring, some are instructive, many are really funny. All of them are worth a look.
Harpenden JKA gallery 1 edit
Sensei Miranda and her instruction stick, ‘Burt’ (no we don’t know why she chose that name either). Works though because you can see exactly what she means.
HJKA gallery 7
Playing tag makes you move fast (when you can stop laughing of course).
Harpenden JKA gallery 2 edit
“He was THIS TALL…”
HJKA gallery 6
Yes, we’re wondering what Harry and Kai are saying too!
Harpenden JKA gallery 9 edit
This doesn’t look like it’s going to end well for Sensei Susie does it…
Harpenden JKA gallery 10 edit
What looks like a weak move in many katas, isn’t. It’s a really effective block.
Harpenden JKA gallery 3 edit
Sensei Miranda checking her class schedule. Or planning her escape.
Harpenden JKA gallery 8 edit

We invited 4 other local JKA clubs to attend our Masterclass with Sensei Adel Ismail, 6th Dan. Held, at Hertfordshire Uni’s sports hall, you can see it was well attended by all grades.

HJKA gallery 5
Harpenden JKA gallery 15

Sensei Miranda and 2 senior grades discussing kata application 

Harpenden JKA gallery 11 edit
Guest instructor, Sensei Bianca Webb, 4th Dan ‘taking on’ brothers Denis and Tim. (Karate students note the perfect positioning of her leading foot…)
Harpenden JKA gallery 14 edit
Cyra laughing because that’s her brother on the end of her fist.
HJKA gallery 12
Speed training. Honest.

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