On Tuesday 21 July 2020, Sensei Miranda taught on Karate@Home as a Facebook live event. We were treated to a full-on hour of inspirational kumite insights and drills.

It was a great honour for Sensei to be asked to teach and she joins some of the greats of international karate instructors.

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“Are we live yet?” Oh yes we are!  

Controlling the fight

Having spent so much of her karate career on the mat and the podium, kumite is a speciality of Sensei Miranda’s. Her theme for this Karate@Home was control – as in controlling your energy and power and, more importantly, the fight. Hips, precise foot work and moving strategically were the 3 drills covered.

Her hamstring injury meant Sensei recruited Anthony and Susie to work with her and help demonstrate. This was a great opportunity for them both – very exhausting but an enormous thrill.


Planning and training leading up to Sensei’s appearance was one thing, getting the technology set up was another. Thankfully Anthony took charge of streaming and it all went really smoothly (no thanks to the broadband dropping out). With all the devices and cables lined up in front of us it felt like we were in charge of CCTV for the whole county!


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The big news now is that Sensei Miranda has agreed to return for part II so put 29 August 2020 in your diary.

Karate@home is a public Facebook group set up to provide live streams of top karate instruction during lockdown.



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